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User location is determined to within a few meters.

myTarget brings together the audience of largest services and social networks in Russia and CIS ("VKontakte", "Odnoklassniki", "Moy Mir" and other Mail.Ru Group resources). Local advertising will be available for all of these resources within sold through myTarget promotional tools.

The new promotional format can be especially relevant for owners of offline businesses. For example, a clothing store can invite people to a sale, a cafe can invite passersby to eat, and a fitness club – to present information on ticket discounts.

Local advertising will be viewed by people who are located in a given area at a given time or are there on a regular basis. These may be people living nearby, the staff of a nearby office or people who simply pass by. Ads are displayed both on smartphones and tablets, and on the PC desktop.

When setting up a local advertising campaign the advertiser can independently select a point on the map (address) and a radius around it, and use all myTarget tools of socio-demographic and behavioral targeting.